Axon Air

Elevate your agency

Unmanned Aircraft are becoming an important tool to help improve officer safety, provide tactical support, and reconstruct scenes. That’s why Axon has partnered with DJI, the world's leader in commercial drone technology, to bring industry-leading hardware to public safety. This will give your agency the ability to buy from a trusted partner and leverage the Axon network to ingest drone video in – the same platform that your officers use today.

  • Protect

    Assist with search and rescue, pursuits or situations where monitoring can lead to an effective and safe outcome for parties

  • Amplify

    Cover more ground in search and rescue situations, useable in tough environments with night vision and FLIR camera capabilities

  • Seguro

    Complete chain of custody by securing your video from capture in the field to

Axon Air expands your capabilities

  • Search and rescue
  • Traffic accident reconstruction
  • Pursuits and building clearings
  • Natural disaster responses
  • Crime scene analysis
  • Next generation evidence collection

Unmanned Aircraft Program

Axon will partner with your agency to identify the product mix that meets the demands of the community and will bring aerial drone video into Axon network of people, devices, and apps.

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