Axon Device Manager

Scan. Assign. Release.

Device manager replicates some functions of, but in a lightweight mobile package more suited for device and inventory management. Instead of searching through inventory pages in to locate a device, then going to the armory to locate its location, armorers can handle management starting with the physical device.

  • Tap to scan (NFC)

    If the phone allows NFC reader mode and the Axon device has an NFC tag, scan the device by initiating a scan and holding the phone close to the device. Both devices need to be close together.

  • Quick Response (QR) code scan — iOS only

    Scanning by QR code uses the phone's camera to read the device's information. The QR code must be well lit and undamaged for this feature to work.

  • Managing Device Registration

    If the device is not registered with the agency, then the app will register the device with the agency. After agency registration, the person using the app can assign the device to a user or return it to inventory.

Especificações dos Produtos

Phone Type Model Software

Phone 7 and later (NFC equipped devices)

iOS 11 (2017) and later


Check NFC Compatibility

Gingerbread 2.3 (2010) and later

Axon Device Compatibility

Device manager will be compatible with all future Axon devices. Currently supported devices are:

  • TASER X26P
  • Axon Body 2
  • Axon Flex 2
  • Axon Signal Sidearm