Proteger a vida é um assunto sério. Para que você possa se sentir confiante para fazer o seu trabalho, precisamos garantir que os dispositivos, softwares e serviços que fornecemos sejam confiáveis e seguros. A construção de um novo produto de hardware ou software não trata apenas de funcionalidade – também temos como alta prioridade o armazenamento seguro das suas informações. Dessa forma, você pode confiar nas suas ferramentas para manter as informações importantes em segurança e focar no que realmente interessa.

Detalhes de segurança por produto

Segurança da Rede Axon

These are features and measures Axon has taken to secure Axon products and services.

Identificação e remediação de vulnerabilidades

Axon conducts regular vulnerability assessments to improve Axon products, security controls, and processes. Identification programs for Axon Cloud Services include frequent vulnerability scans and scheduled penetration tests performed by independent firms and contractors. All identified vulnerabilities are evaluated by the Axon Information Security team, assigned remediation time frames, and tracked through remediation.

If you are interested in performing security testing of Axon products, please first review Axon’s Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Disclosure Guidelines.

Monitoramento e resposta de segurança

Axon employs a dedicated Security Operations team to monitor the security of Axon Cloud Services, including The team is equipped to immediately respond to threats and malicious actors.

Upgrades de segurança

Hackers and other malicious actors move fast, and they take advantages of entities that can’t keep their systems up to date and secure. Axon Cloud Services are delivered as Software as a Service and not only are security patches applied well within vendor recommendations, but Axon Cloud Services also ensure that Axon devices that are part of the Axon Network frequently receive security upgrades. These security updates and upgrades come out of the box with Axon Cloud Service licenses and do not require customer interaction. Axon's security upgrades and patches are applied during's Maintenance Schedule.

Proteções avançadas

By having a laser focus on security and aggressively investing to maintain such security, we are able to deploy and appropriately manage advanced security tools and threat prevention solutions that are cost- or resource-prohibitive to individual customers. Unlike what you would find with an off-the-shelf anti-virus software that you install yourself, we offer advanced protections that deter even the most sophisticated attackers. We have finely tuned web application firewalls, leverage security intelligence tools for continuous monitoring, and deploy layers of defense to detect and react to malicious activity.

Reporting Potential Security Issues or Vulnerabilities

If you know or suspect security issues with an account or if you believe you've discovered a security vulnerability on or with an Axon product, please email with a thorough explanation of the issue or vulnerability. Any sensitive testing results or information should be transmitted to Axon using an encrypted communication channel. Our PGP key is available here: Axon Information Security (4CB2324C) – Public

We ask that you do not disclose any vulnerability information publicly or to any third party without coordination with Axon's Information Security team. Axon is committed to working with customers and the security researcher community to validate and address reported potential vulnerabilities. Further information regarding this commitment is outlined in Axon’s Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Disclosure Guidelines.

Todas as questões não relacionadas à segurança devem ser encaminhadas para o Suporte ao Cliente Axon.